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    Night City with SU SANNA

    February 4, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

    SU SANNA is a Music producer and DJ based in Abu Dhabi.
    Her in-depth musical journey started with a festival in India in 2017. The life changing experience led her on hidden paths of underground electronic scene, where she discovered her desire to share magic with others through music, eventually producing her own work.

    SU SANNA joins INSOMNIAFM residents in 2021 with a monthly 60 minutes radio show called Night City, a show that explores the electronic sounds of the night. A metropolis that never really sleeps, hides a lot of mysteries and secrets, waiting for you to find. Join SU SANNA as she explores various electronic genres and dives deep into the underground world of music.

    Find more about the artist from: Soundcloud / Instagram

    Night City - February 2021
    Su Sanna
    Night City - February 2021 Su Sanna
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    1. Pandhora – Reveries (Original Mix)
    2. GDTEX - Eve (Original Mix)
    3. From96 – Ade
    4. Ata Ates – In The Darkness
    5. Lemon & Herb feat. Toshi – Zulumke (Original Mix)
    6. Pazkal – Please
    7. SU SANNA – Return To Milky Way (Christian Monique Remix)
    8. Wolfson & Deniz Kabu – In My Veins (Jaden Raxel Remix)
    9. Ditian – Etnika
    10. Zakes Bantwini Feat. Nana Atta - Amanga
    Night City - January 2021
    Su Sanna
    Night City - January 2021 Su Sanna
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