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    Danko Skystöne possesses a distinct and skillful mixing style that is broadly described as  & Techno often giving a wink and nod to his Progressive background. His productions are best described as warm, deep, tech, forward thinking and emotive.

    Launched his own mixing and mastering company Inversion Audio purely for the (rare) joy and satisfaction of helping others music and mixes to sound the very best possible. Inversion Radio was launched in April, 2017 as a platform to showcase and support underground producers from around the world.

    In 2019, joins Insomniafm family with his monthly 60 minutes radio show “Inversion Radio“, a powerful zone that’s explores all too rarely in today’s vibes, where balance, quality and way is the dominating sound. Find more about the artist from: Facebook / Soundcloud Instagram  

    Danko Skystone
    Inversion Radio 008 - September 2019
    Danko Skystone Inversion Radio 008 - September 2019
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    1) Hicky & Kalo: Moving Auras (Darin Epsilon & Paul Kardos Remix): Plaisirs Sonores Records
    2) Austin Leeds & Danko Skystöne: Day Break (Original Mix): Perspectives Digital
    3) Ezequiel Arias, Interaxxis: Lumi (Original Mix): Suara
    4) Berni Turletti & Matias Chilano: Forgettable (Original Mix): Juicebox Music
    5) Niko Rizza, Cazap & Boskis: Personal Space (Original Mix): Soundteller Records
    6) Anton Dhouran: Valhalla (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix): Promo
    7) Edu Imbernon, Los Saruba: Balear (Fell Reis Remix): Last Night On Earth
    8) DJ Paul (AR), Nicolas Van Orton: Back to Daylight (Original Mix): Balkan Connection
    9) Quivver: Edges (Original Mix): Afterglow
    10) Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami: Scope (Original Mix): Balance Music
    11) Dynacom (ARG): Night Witcher (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix): Yang
    Danko Skystone
    Inversion Radio 007 - August 2019
    Danko Skystone Inversion Radio 007 - August 2019
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    1) Nopi: La Milona (Original Mix): Promo
    2) NuKreative: Forget The Money (Original Mix): The Purr
    3) Circle of Life: Dominacija (Juan Deminicis & Marcelo Delessandro Remix): Promo
    4) Michael & Levan, Stiven Rivic: Star Dust (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix): Kanui
    5) Quivver: 2 Shadows (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix): Controlled Substance
    6) FMENEZS: Appear Sun (Subanrio Remix): Promo
    7) Nick Muir: Savin Me (Marcelo Vasami Remix): Promo
    8) Olivier Giacomotto: Impala (Original Mix): Yoshitoshi Recordings
    9) Alex O’Rion: Marathon (Original Mix): Replug
    10) Cid Inc.: Forgotten (Original Mix): Balance Music
    11) Fractal Architect: Falling Water (JOBE Remix): Movement Recordings
    12) Weekend Heroes: Pray (Original Mix): Promo
    Danko Skystone
    Inversion Radio 006 - July 2019
    Danko Skystone Inversion Radio 006 - July 2019
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    1. Tim Toh, youANDme: Voyager (Original Mix): Poker Flat Recordings
    2. Ran Salman: Sahara Feat. Yaron Reuveni (Original Mix):Visceral
    3. Nicholas Ruiz: Samara (Original Mix): Sprout
    4. Paul Deep (AR): Ironic Reality (Original Mix): Sudbeat Music
    5. Antrim: Trip To Red (Orsen Remix): Replug
    6. Hermanez: Bullish Divergence (Original Mix): Lost & Found
    7. Mike Griego: Forgotten Ninja (Original Mix): Replug
    8. Ziger: Faded Realm (Original Mix): Promo
    9. Rick Pier O’Neil & Oscar Vasquez: Distance (Anthony G Remix): Promo
    10. Jerome Isma-Ae, Alastor: Opium (Quivver Remix): Controlled Substance
    11. Simos Tagias: Starchild (Original Mix): BeatFreak Recordings
    Danko Skystone
    Inversion Radio 005 - June 2019
    Danko Skystone Inversion Radio 005 - June 2019
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    01. Quatri (FR): Vendet (Original Mix): Sag & Tre
    02. Hole Box: Alone (Original Mix): Soundteller Records
    03. Joep Mencke: Asiri (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix): Promo
    04. Dmitry Molosh: Compass (Original Mix): Beat Freak
    05. Anton MAKe: Startdust In My Shoe (Subandrio Remix): Promo
    06. Brigado Crew & Crisstiano: Nebular (Hernan Cattaneo & Audio Junkies Remix): Sincopat
    07. Dmitry Molosh: Edge (Original Mix): Beat Freak
    08. Dmitry Molosh: Ambition (Original Mix): Sudbeat Music
    09. Tvardovsky: Depths Of Consciousness (Olivier Giacomotto Remix): Dear Deer
    10. Weekend Heroes: Massai (Starkato Remix): Movement Recordings
    11. Lucas Rossi: Kaleidoscope (Original Mix): Dopamine Music
    12. Quivver: One Darker (Original Mix): Bedrock Records
    Danko Skystone
    Inversion Radio 004 - May 2019
    Danko Skystone Inversion Radio 004 - May 2019
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    01. DNYO: Flare (Beatless Mix): Juicebox Music
    02. Austin Leeds & Danko Skystöne: Day Break (Original Mix): Unsigned
    03. Nicolas Ruiz, Paul Deep: Samara (Original Mix): Sprout Music
    04. East Cafe: The Filter Witch (Antrim Remix): Welcome Music
    05. Weekend Heroes: Massai (Original Mix): Movement Recordings
    06. Analog Jungs: Magic Arp (Original Mix): Beat Boutique
    07. D-Nox & K.A.L.I.L: Pangea (Stan Kolev & Matan Caspi Remix): Outta Limits
    08. Wally Lopez, Lonya: X-Groove (Dousk Remix): Beat Boutique
    09. Tatana: Resonance (Matan Caspi Remix): Freegrant Music
    10. Avasono: Riells (Ziger Remix): MNL
    11. CASSIMM: Dances with Wolves (Chus & Ceballos Remix): Stereo Productions
    12. Cid Inc.: Turning Pages (Original Mix): Replug
    Danko Skystone
    Inversion Radio 003 - April 2019
    Danko Skystone Inversion Radio 003 - April 2019
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    1. Future Sound Of London: Papua New Guinea (Ozgur Ozkan Unofficial Remix): Promo
    2. Roger Martinez: Songlines (Original Mix): Higher States
    3. Weekend Heroes: Adi Sababa (Original Mix): Movement Recordings
    4. Subandrio: Moas Gone (Original Mix): Serendeep
    5. Chaty, Alerch: Strangest Ride (Quivver Remix): Promo
    6. Ezequiel Arias, Memory (ARG): Shen (Original Mix): The Soundgarden
    7. Cid Inc.: Turning Pages (Original Mix): Replug
    8. Berni Turletti: Discovering Me (Original Mix): The Soundgarden
    9. Juan Deminicis, Marcelo Dalessandro: Delta (Original Mix): Sudbeat Music
    10. Eric Lune: A Matter Of Fact (Paul Angelo & Don Argento Remix): Dopamine Music
    11. Kamilo Sanclemente, Andre Moret: Acacias (Original Mix): Balkan Connection
    12. Julian Nates: Voodoo (Original Mix): Soundteller Records
    Danko Skystone
    Inversion Radio 002 - March 2019
    Danko Skystone Inversion Radio 002 - March 2019
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    01. Savvas: Lost Souls (Hot TuneiK Remix): Promo
    02. Jelly For the Babies: Faded Memories (DAVI Remix): Inspired By Trees Recordings
    03. Luke Mandala, Bizio: Mother Of Dragons (Antrim Remix): Desert Trax
    04. Analog Jungs: Particle (Nicolas Rada Remix): Or Two Strangers
    05. Depeche Mode: Policy Of Truth (DJ Paul & Nicolas Rada Remix): White Label
    06. Lemon8: Sorcerer (Matters Return to the Source Remix): Welcome Music
    07. Ziger: Faith In Future (Matan Caspi Remix): Movement Recordings
    08. Sebastian Busto: Moments (Original Mix): MNL
    09. Austin Leeds & Danko Skystöne: Desert Groove (Original Mix): Inversion Audio
    10. Dmitry Molosh: Sacra (Orsen Remix): Replug
    11. Santini: Beluga (Michael A Remix): Strange Town Recordings
    Danko Skystone
    Inversion Radio 001 - February 2019
    Danko Skystone Inversion Radio 001 - February 2019
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    01. Paul Hazendonk, Noraj Cue feat. Alice Rose: In The Dark (Darin Epsilon Remix): Manual Music
    02. Austin Leeds & Danko Skystöne: Biscayne (Extended Mix 2019): Inversion Audio
    03. Andre Sobota: New Seeds (Jimmy Van M Remix): Flow Vinyl
    04. Anton Make: Oll (Original Mix): Replug
    05. Brett Lawson: Cognitive Behaviour (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix): Pro-tech B
    06. Li-Polymer: Pterodroma (Nicolas Rada Remix): Balkan Connection
    07. Silinder, Soulfinder: Horizon (Original Mix): Soundteller Records
    08. Armandhe: While Wolf Is Away (Paul Angelo & Don Argento Remix): Clubsonic
    09. Antrim: Until The End (Original Mix): Or Two Strangers
    10. Matias Vila: Ahora (Eran Aviner & Hermanez Remix): Soundtellar Records
    11. Anton MAKe: Divo (Original Mix): Replug

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