In My House

Luca Martini is a veteran italian dj. He has started its activity in 1980 in a small Tuscan radio (RTCV). Over the years will present its programs in the most important Tuscan Radio including Radioquattro, Radio Veronica, RadioRombo, Radio Star. Luca Martini also be performed in some of the most famous Tuscan clubs like Full Stop, Happy Land, Quetzal, Area. Now, after a long pause, produced and sells on Beatport his mixes.

In 2014, join Insomniafm family with a monthly 60 minutes radio show called “In My House“, adding an elongated intro and layers of warming bass, before allowing the vibes to flourish again in this slightly altered environment, coming out with a piece of music that’s enchanting your ears. Find more about the artist from: Facebook Soundcloud Twitter