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    Fill Grey from Frankfurt, Germany traveled around the globe and lived and worked in places like Hong Kong, New York and Amsterdam. Energized by the sights and sounds of the colorful cultures and the people of these cities he developed a passion for the constantly changing sounds of club music. He especially got addicted to the pumping beats of progressive house and techno.

    With his growing passion for electronic music he turned from a passive music addict to a Progressive House DJ. Fill Grey likes to infuse his sets with commercial deviations and to cruise from the metallic techno beats of Berlin´s Berghain or Frankfurt`s famous Cocoon to the dark and deep side of house – always with a positive spin back to progressive house to touch the emotions of his audience and to keep them stuck to the dance floor.

    If you want to know how it sounds when someone who followed the pioneers of electronic music from the beginning to today´s digital diversity then listen to Fill´s monthly Insomniafm show “Greyzone“. Find more about the artist from: Facebook

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