Global Zone

Dj Elaya was born in Athens Greece. From a very young age he got introduce to a variety of music through his family’s record shop. The fact that he was in a 100% music environment from almost since the day he was born , helped him always to be up to date with that was happening in the music industry. Music for him soon became a way of life. When he grew up he started managing the record shop. It didn’t take him to long to realize that music would be his full time profession for the rest of his life. Next think he did was to get hold of pair of decks and a mixer.

Elaya’s dj sets are a pleasure to hear but mostly to dance to. His euphoric trance is perfectly mixed with underground vibes. Don’t be surprised if you hear a classic dance track from back in the day , over a techno track that you never heard before. He describes his music as ‘attacking melodies’. Whatever he means with that , one thing is for sure 100%. He will get any dancefloor on the move (and on the mood) no matter if it’s an early set or the final , set of the night. He will always find the way to communicate with the clubbers at any club. Find more about the artist from: Facebook / Soundcloud Twitter