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    March 24, 2020 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

    During his youth he listened to mostly classic Hip-Hop (1997 – 2002), afterwards began to frequent the Romanian Space Club & UK Fabric. The major call for electronic music in terms of DJing and Production came at the age of 30, in 2012 when he first attended a DJing course followed by a Production one at Subbass DJ Academy in London.

    One year later, CK won 3 DJ competitions in a row: EDC London, Movida Corona UK & Amnesia Ibiza DJ Challenge and also had his first EP released – Back from SubBass. He release music on various labels, including Wiggle & Be Color and also owns a podcast platform called DEEP MVMT. Find more about the artist from: Facebook / Soundcloud / Youtube / Spotify 

    Deep Movement 012 - February 2021
    Deep Movement 012 - February 2021 CK
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    Alsi - Scene Hero (Vlad Caia Remix)
    Lee Onel - Easy (Max Haas Remix)
    Cajal - Feelings (Original Mix)
    Komey - Please Wait (Per Hammar Remix)
    Zlatnichi - Black Serenade (Daniel Sanchez Halftime Remix)
    KiRiK - Jam Or Honey (Matpri Remix)
    Alez - Ludo (Stiven Escarraga Remix)
    Venda - Pressure Points (B1)
    Spec - Tripped Up (Juliche Hernandez Remix)
    Shuski - Aura (Original Mix)
    Kricked - Thingamajig (Original Mix)
    Cajal - 0420 (Original Mix)
    Gabriele Mancino - Top Player (A1)
    Charman - Krafty (Original Mix)
    Jay Tripwire - Wergles (A2)
    Deep Movement 011 - January 2021
    Deep Movement 011 - January 2021 CK
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    Deepkomplekt - Fenomeno (Original Mix)
    Angel Carriazo - Blue Dot (Yoshuaa Remix)
    New Yorkker - Some People (Original Mix)
    Denis Ago - Oh Yes (Original Mix)
    Groenendal - Change Time (Nik Ros & Rods Novaes Remix)
    Backfire Alpha - Dark path (Original Mix)
    Lewis. - Answering Machine (Original Mix)
    Thelmo - Inside Out (Dubphone Remix)
    Jas Rial - Uni Sun (Original Mix)
    Lewis. - Special Delivery (RNDM. Remix)
    Mohasky - Purple Velvet Bag (Original Mix)
    Sergey Grit - Apocalypse (Tape Maschine Remix)
    Chad Andrew - Made Of Music Feat. Lex (David Gtronic Remix)
    Mattias Coll - Detected (Original Mix)
    Trentz - Reform (Original Mix)
    Deep Movement 010 - December 2020
    Deep Movement 010 - December 2020 CK
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    Stiven Escarraga - Vayk (Original Mix)
    Marcellus (UK) - Release (Original Mix)
    MINIdub_ - Jazz Powder Beat (Original Mix)
    Sota - Dimsumthing (B1)
    Nick Beringer - Logarhythm (Original Mix)
    JP Elorriaga & Nia Blaq - Elisa (B-side Mix)
    Smalltown Collective - The Difference (Original Mix)
    Grego G & Fe_De - 15min (Original Mix)
    Unknown - Untitled 3 (B1)
    Wayne Madiedo - Whale (Original Mix)
    Stanley Kubrix - All That (Original Mix)
    Claudio Solis - Esbat (Original Mix)
    Danny Nectar - Feedback (Original Mix)
    James McGeehan - Silence (Original Mix)
    Empat - Wild & Free (Original Mix)
    Son Of Elita - Sky Garden (Original Mix)
    Thorkell Máni - Salt (Original Mix)
    Gioseph - Point of View (Original Mix)
    Jake Flory - Rhode Island (B1)
    Oscar Jones - A Moment of Epiphany (Original Mix)
    Deep Movement 009 - November 2020
    Deep Movement 009 - November 2020 CK
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    Reclame - Medita Distanza Da Simbiosi Aggregativa (Original Mix)
    Last Vision - Sickness (Original Mix)
    SUSIO & Délos - Twisted (Original Mix)
    Daniel Meister - Raised (Original Mix)
    Schime - Audio Without (Daniel Meister Remix)
    Incus - Head in the Clouds (Chris Gialanze Remix)
    Styro2000 - Fluffy Robot (Ion Ludwig"s Deeper Deeper Remix)
    AMO - Echo (Original Mix)
    Ian Silva - Nevalı Çori (Original Mix)
    Hassio (COL) - Grand Pand (Original Mix)
    Lauta Aimino - Welcome Aboard The Groove (Original Mix)
    Blìn Eff - Bil (RAPHA (ITALY))
    Unisson - Nazare (Direkt Remix)
    Antonio Pica - Party Time (Chicks Luv Us Remix)
    Juzel - Hearing Memory (Original Mix)
    Deep Movement 008 - October 2020
    Deep Movement 008 - October 2020 CK
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    Circa X - Damaged (Original Mix)
    Fosko - First Bossa (Original Mix)
    Feral - Devious Path (Original Mix)
    Danny Nectar - They don’t know (Lucas Monchi Remix)
    Aerton - That Sound (Original Mix)
    Danny Nectar - They don’t know (Original Mix)
    John Ugalde & Barbara Alvarez - In Between (Original Mix)
    Stefano Rossetti - Just Can"t Stop (DYI Mob Remix)
    98s - Tiempo De (Original Mix)
    Marilu - Indigo Kid (Original Mix)
    IWOU - Don"t Stop (B1)
    John Creamer, Stephane K & D-Formation - Forget the World (D-Formation Remix)
    Stiven Escarraga - Simple (Original Mix)
    Deep Movement 007 - September 2020
    Deep Movement 007 - September 2020 CK
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    Mario Basanov - Swan (Original Mix)
    Gogan - Rigid (B1)
    Be-Vardo - Another Change (Original Mix)
    A Blade Of Grass & Baasmal - Berm (Original Mix)
    James Dexter - That (Original Mix)
    Dub Taylor - Right Behind (Klartraum Earthlings Remix)
    Roluce - Bloc A44 (Original Mix)
    Michael Rosa - HZ Gap (Original Mix)
    Jacob Phono & Mr.Down - D16 (Original Mix)
    Roni Be - Little Helper 369-2 (Original Mix)
    ?! - Horizon Of Truth (Original Mix)
    Za__Paradigma - Lowrider Silencio (Central Beat Remix)
    Anton F - Ost Name (The Ataman Remix)
    Cor100 - Rembrandt Dub (Original Mix)
    A Blade Of Grass & Baasmal - Mind"s (Original Mix)
    Deep Movement 006 - August 2020
    Deep Movement 006 - August 2020 CK
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    Not Available
    Deep Movement 004 - June 2020
    Deep Movement 004 - June 2020 CK
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    Klartraum - What I Am (Original Mix)
    Xtramol - Thefinger (Hernan Bass & Du Sant Remix)
    Liiebermann - The Things You Do To Me (A1)
    Victor Ruiz - Serpens (Original Mix)
    Carlos A - Rui Da (Del Fonda Remix)
    Silat Beksi - Rolling Shapes (A1)
    Dec Hailes - Pattern (Original Mix)
    Martin M - No Doubt (A2)
    Del Fonda - Money (Original Mix)
    Hugo - Lotus Eon (Original Mix)
    Danielle Nicole - La Isla (Original Mix)
    Last Vision, Del Fonda - Cluster (Original Mix)
    lefthandsoundsystem - Funle (Original Mix)
    Chad Andrew - Cosmic Cake (Original Mix)
    Last Vision, Del Fonda - Graft (Original Mix)
    Deep Movement 003 - May 2020
    Deep Movement 003 - May 2020 CK
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    OSMININ, Rawman, Inga! - Be-ketov (Original Mix)
    Robert Kuo - Ambient Flow (Original Mix)
    Dubman F. - Central (Mrodriguez Remix)
    CK - The Album (Original Mix)
    Francisco Colman - Dark Dreams (Original Mix)
    Josan Hernandez, Nazaret Degrom - El Canto (Repozt, J Roddherz Remix)
    Tex Ture - Hold (Original Mix)
    Alex Gamez, Alex Sounds - In The Music (Original Mix)
    Johanson & Mono Dub - Metalweave (Original Mix)
    Jorge Cary - Rispect (Lucas Monchi Remix)
    Cosmin Horatiu - That Look (Cross x Greta"s Stripped Down Remix)
    Alex Sounds - The Choice (Original Mix)
    Adrià Duch - Them All Love (Original Mix)
    Notorious Lynch - Vibra (Original Mix)
    CK - Day 89 (Original Mix)
    Deep Movement 002 - April 2020
    Deep Movement 002 - April 2020 CK
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    First For Nieto - Cayena (Original Mix)
    OSMININ, Rawman, Inga! - Be-ketov (Original Mix)
    Casimir von Oettingen - Brepps (Original Mix)
    Dubman F. - Central (Mrodriguez Remix)
    CK - The Album (Unreleased)
    CK - Day 89 (Unreleased)
    Tex Ture - Hold (Original Mix)
    Nino Bua - No Idea (Original Mix)
    Jay Mosley - Only so Far (Original Mix)
    Amr.it & Yas (LB) - Plastic (Poor Pay Rich Remix)
    Jorge Cary - Rispect (Lucas Monchi Remix)
    Andre Salmon, Kricked - Salmon (Original Mix)
    Alexic Rod - Stopped World (Original Mix)
    Cosmin Horatiu - That Look (Cross x Greta"s Stripped Down Remix)
    Flashhood - You Know My Style (Boaventtura Remix)
    Deep Movement 001 - March 2020
    Deep Movement 001 - March 2020 CK
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    Bleak - Ekko (Original Mix)
    Vadim Oslov - Maroglu (Original Mix)
    Vedran Komm - Matter (Original mix)
    Blin Eff - Mi Alma (Master)
    Vadim Oslov - Miamar (Original Mix)
    LWRNCE & CONNMAC - Downtown (Original Mix)
    Ahyvan - Montaña Verde (Original Mix)
    LWRNCE & CONNMAC - Different Life (Original Mix)
    Za Paradigma - Criminal Ways (Del Fonda Remix)
    Blin Eff - Manipura [Master]
    Luixar KL & Nomad (MX) - Dos Equis (Original Mix)
    Mark Broom - Jackpot (Mihalis Safras & Sinc Remix)
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