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    AM/FM with Chris Liebing

    June 5, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
    AM/FM with Chris Liebing

    After 6 years, 315 podcasts and over 150 contributing artists, the much loved and internationally renowned CLR podcast comes to an end. The podcast has provided a musical platform for established and fledgling artists alike to share their music with hundreds of thousands of listeners, whilst also giving Chris Liebing a chance to connect with techno fans around the world and provide an insight into the hearts and minds of the artists pushing the boundaries of techno music today.

    But the end of one era only means the start of another, and this is not the end for Chris Liebing’s weekly broadcast. The techno stalwart presents a new show ‘AM/FM’ – a chance for Chris to share his personal sounds and experiences from clubs, festivals, terraces and beaches around the world.

    Chris explains: This show is all about the music in the moment it was played. It kind of functions like an audible dj diary. The idea behind it is that I choose a recent set that I played and deliver it to you unedited, raw and direct, in 60 minutes pieces on a weekly basis. For example, if I play a three hours set somewhere, it will be divided in three 60 minutes long AM/FM shows, so after three weeks you will have the full set. You could even put them into a playlist and listen to the whole set with seamless transitions. I try to keep the commentaries to a minimum, so that you get a maximum amount of music.

    On 2012 Chris Liebing joins Insomniafm family with his powerful “CLR Radio Showwith a recent chapter in the labels history also gave a new meaning to the abbreviation “CLR”: “Create Learn Realize”. A decade of “creating and learning” has passed and it is time for the next step named “realization” in early 2015 he renamed the show to AM/FM. Find more about the artist from: Website / Facebook 

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