Asia’s diverse electronic music scene is currently at its peak. Whilst some regions started developing early – Singapore’s super club Zouk, for example, has been around for more than a quarter of a century, and India’s club scene boasts roots in the early Goa trance raves of the late eighties – there are many still new to the game.

Despite some countries having to make up for lost time, their local scenes have almost caught up with their more established neighbours in the last decade. Asia is now finally getting the recognition it deserves, and many are looking east as the industry has proven its potential as a serious contender in the international electronic dance music scene.

To celebrate the region’s achievements, Wired Music Week (WMW) will be held for the first time in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur as a one-stop hub for music enthusiasts of various levels to learn, network, develop and advance, not only as individuals but as a community in the scene.

Wired Music Week

The conference was founded by two Malaysians, John Beh and Michael Mah who launched RBRN IDEAS to get the project started. WMW will take place at Tamarind Square in Cyberjaya from May 11th to the 13th. Located in the silicon city of Cyberjaya, just 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur’s center, the venue will unite some of the music industry’s heaviest hitters for a three-day celebration of Asia’s electronic music.

WMW will host a number of curated seminars, workshops, panel discussions, demo listening sessions, master classes and club nights where aspiring artists can immerse and engage with industry leads for immediate feedback.

Panelists, moderators and keynote speakers consists of representatives from worldwide players including Armada Music, theLOOP, Livescape Group/It’s The Ship, 2 Dutch Records, Future House Music and artists like RayRay, 22 Bullets and Onderkoffer.

Find out more about Wired Music Week here.

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