Floating festival Holy Ship has certainly had its fair share of eyebrow-raising moments over the years, but this might take the cake. Quite literally.

Norwegian Cruise Line, the longtime operating partner of Holy Ship, has just issued an official warning to Shipfam punters against having sex with pizza and other food items in their on board cafe. They were apparently forced to take action after a number of “uncouth” incidents happened on past sailings.

The stern letter, titled “Open Pizza Bar For Consumption Only”, pointedly tells patrons that “lewd and/or sexual acts with our cuisines are not only frowned upon but are prohibited by Maritime Law.”

Where we offer dozens of fine foods available 24/7 here in the Garden Cafe, we must remind you that the foods available here are for consumption only,” the letter begins.

“Due to incidents on previous sailings in which patrons engaged in uncouth behavior in the cafe, we feel it is our duty to remind our guests that pizza is for eating, not fornicating. Sexual acts with our handcrafted pizza can bring unintended health consequences and can pose a safety hazard for other passengers aboard our journey.”

They close by advising passengers that if they feel an urge to have sex with any food items, specialist help is available from their medical bay below deck.

The letter has been snapped by a heap of bemused DJs and punters, so you can now read it in all its glory below. Perhaps Holy Ship could consider separating the cafe into Eating and Fornicating sections next year? Just an idea.

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