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    A new notable member of the new generation of deep, tech house and techno stars, Jadele, aka Adele Shields, has cut through the more underground verges of the electronic scene with great vigor over the past 24 months. With an electric brand of deep, melodic house, infused in broody, laced techno, Jadele’s sound has steadily emerged as both a DJs and fans favorite in recent times. Notable supporters within the electronic community include artists such as Betoko, Hernan Cattaneo, Alex Flatner, Omid 16B, Dale Middleton, and D.Ramirez.

    Intent with a purpose to deliver deep, bass heavy sounds to a discerning crowd, whether on home or international soil, Jadele’s musical future looks bright with an ever growing tour diary, alongside current/future releases penned on Omid 16B’s Alola Records and Circle Music, as well as several remix and collaboration projects in the pipeline. Jadele’s name is one that is almost certain to be a more prominent figure on billings and set lists in the months to come. Find more about the artist from: Facebook / Soundcloud Twitter 

    Decibelle - May 2018
    Jadele Decibelle - May 2018
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    Jadele - Decibelle on Insomniafm - May 2018

    Not Available
    Decibelle - March 2018
    Jadele Decibelle - March 2018
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    Jadele - Decibelle on Insomniafm - March 2018

    01.Tim Engelhardt – Best Night In Cologne
    02.Kotelett & Zadak - La Lune (feat. Gabriela Lindlova)
    03.Danniel Selfmade - Not stop moving
    04.Mario Aureo, Spieltape, Lazarusman - Keep Pushin" (Kevin Over Remix)
    05.Groove Armada – Keep Rock In
    06.Russ Yallop, wAFF - Snakecharmer (Gorge Remix)
    07.Timo Garcia - Oscillator 2
    08.Miguel Puente, Louie Fresco, Aquarius Heaven - Finish Line (Samu l Remix)
    09.Ran Salman - The Space Between Us (Original Mix)
    10.George Levi, Lydian - Don"t You Remember Well (Slurm Remix)
    11.Nicone - Losing Control (David Hasert, Pierce Remix)
    12.NTFO - Real Deal
    Decibelle - January 2018
    Jadele Decibelle - January 2018
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    Jadele - Decibelle on Insomniafm - January 2018

    Douglas Greed, Schlepp Geist, Kristina Sheli – Immortal
    Stefan Riegauf - Karma (Matthias Kick Remix)
    Dave Seaman - Voodoo Disarray (Johannes Brecht Remix)
    Doctor Dru – Corner Ball
    Gabe, Dashdot – Inside The Cage
    Florian Kruse, Lazarusman - The Proof Of Life (Paul Ursin Remix)
    EdOne - Caramel (Jamie Stevens Remix)
    Mundane - Abandoned (Barber Remix)
    Luigi Rocca – Muse
    Victor Ruiz - Nevermind (Oliver Huntemann Remix)
    K.A.L.I.L. - Fake Eyes (Original Mix)
    Decibelle - December 2017
    Jadele Decibelle - December 2017
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    Jadele - Decibelle on Insomniafm - December 2017

    Not Available
    Decibelle - November 2017
    Jadele Decibelle - November 2017
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    Jadele - Decibelle on Insomniafm - November 2017

    Ryan Murgatroyd, Kostakis – Down Dog
    Who & Who – East and Dub
    Magit Cacoon - Subterranean Fiction
    Jeremy Olander - Taiga (Jamie Stevens Remix)
    Solee - Bonkers (Third Son Remix)
    Dagito (feat. Flowers and Sea Creatures)
    Rafael Cerato, THe WHite SHadow (FR) – Distance
    Michael Mayer, Kolsch – Germination
    Jerome Isma-Ae, Alastor – Reflection
    Jourdan Bordes, Anki, Paul Sawyer, Redux Saint - Take Me With You (Blood Groove & Kikis Dub)
    Romrez - Melodion (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
    Antix – Out Of Sorts
    Decibelle - October 2017
    Jadele Decibelle - October 2017
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    Jadele - Decibelle on Insomniafm - October 2017

    1. Shlerner – Radiation
    2. Dachshund - Hyper Passive
    3. Dawad, Mokic - Mireille Dark (Damon Jee Remix)
    4. Uner - Dancemotive (Steve Bug Remix)
    5. Shlerner – Melt
    6. Superlover - My Love (Pavel Petrov Remix)
    7. XYZ - Solution (Kenton Slash Demon"s 4-4 Therapy)
    8. The Cheapers – Rosengarten
    9. Nils Penner - The Power of Sound (feat. Page) [Smash TV Remix]
    Decibelle - July 2017
    Jadele Decibelle - July 2017
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    Jadele - Decibelle on Insomniafm - July 2017

    Not Available

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