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    Dark Diary Sessions with IAMEPIDEMIC

    October 13, 2021 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

    Kuwaiti Born and Bred, DJ/producer IAMEPIDEMIC started his music career in 2014 throwing risky underground parties in his hometown.

    As one of the driving forces behind the Kuwaiti underground techno scene, he has solidified his name in the Kuwait scene and aims to export his sounds internationally.

    Starting with the ‘DEV9T’ festival and other clubs in Serbia, and the ‘UNDERGROUND’ parties in Dubai, IAMEPIDEMIC has already begun his move abroad, taking his hard-hitting and euphoric peak time sounds across continents.

    Being picked up by Not Necessarily Famous is his latest feat, with the agency being on the rise in the Kuwaiti techno industry. Things tend to go full circle, especially here where the rising NNF collaborates with IAMEPIDEMIC, who helped found and pioneer the Kuwaiti techno scene.

    Thus, the wheel keeps turning, and the beat goes on and on…

    Find more about the artist from: SoundcloudYoutube / Instagram

    Dark Dairy Sessions 005 - Aug 2021
    IAMEPIDEMIC & Belu Colombo
    Dark Dairy Sessions 005 - Aug 2021 IAMEPIDEMIC & Belu Colombo
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    01- Alberto Ruiz - Inside (Pierre Blanche Remix)
    02- Julian Ess, Robert Vasil - Ninth Planet (Original Mix)
    03- Martin Costas - Ruder (Original Mix)
    04- Time Assault - Dark Mythology
    05- Oliver Carloni - Containment level four (Original Mix)
    06- Alan Hash - Gorilla Glue (Bruno Aguirre Remix)
    - Police Radio Intro (Time Bandits Mix)
    01- Federico Sferra, Jurgen Degener - Face Off (Original Mix)
    02- Ballarak, T78 - The Antidote (Original Mix)
    03- Dj Dextro - T Minus Zero (Hell Driver Remix)
    04- Flug - Winter Mood (Original Mix)
    05- PITCH! - Feel The Bass (Original Mix)
    06- DJ Jordan - Positive Vibes (N.O.B.A Remix)
    Dark Dairy Sessions 004 - July 2021
    Dark Dairy Sessions 004 - July 2021 IAMEPIDEMIC
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    01- Vince weyn, Pain&Pani - Devil`s Dance (Original Mix)
    02- Bruce Zalcer - Impulse Commando (Original Mix)
    03- Stoked - The Verb (Extended Version)
    04- Teenage Mutants - Foutune (Original Mix)
    05- A*S*Y*S, Kaspar - Injection (Original Mix)
    06- Lucas Wirth - Groovy Cycle (Original Mix)
    07- Sall, Antonio D’Africa - Riptide (Extended Version)
    08- Joyhauser - Pigment (Original Mix)
    09- IAMEPIDEMIC - Disease (Original Mix)
    10- Charles D (USA) - You (Original Mix)
    11- Andrea Signore - Harassement and Lie (Original Mix)
    12- Greg Notill - Essential T6 (Extended Version)
    Dark Dairy Sessions 003 - June 2021
    Dark Dairy Sessions 003 - June 2021 IAMEPIDEMIC
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    01- Pain&panic - Eos (Extended Version)
    02- Mac N Dan - Take you higher
    03- Nel N. - Internal (Original Mix)
    04- Bruce Zalcer - Dark desires (Original Mix)
    05- Greg Notill - Invisible light (Extended Version)
    06- Push - Strange world (Joyhauser Remix)
    07- Federico Sferra, Jurgen Dege - Face off (Lowshape Remix)
    08- Greg Notill - Primitive sparkle (Original Mix)
    09- HI-LO - Athena (Ramon Tapia Remix)
    10- Ramon Tapia, The YellowHeads - Inner circle (Extended Version)
    11- Vince weyn, Greg Notill - Far out distance (Original Mix)
    12- Abe Van Dam - Deserving (Original Mix)
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