Beatport will soon let you play its entire catalogue directly from your DJ software. News of the upcoming Beatport streaming service was revealed at this year’s International Music Summit, and follows the company’s acquisition of the streaming service Pulselocker in April 2018, which Beatport says is the technology basis for its new services.

Another upcoming product is “Beatport Subscription” a discount subscription that will offer unlimited “re-downloads” of songs.

Beatport plans to release a service that lets you “stream entire catalogue into leading performance software applications”. Those “performance software applications” are of course almost certainly DJ apps because DJs are Beatport’s primary focus – and DJs apps like Rekordbox DJ, Serato DJ and Virtual DJ were where Pulselocker operated before it shuttered.

Beatport, a division of LiveStyle Inc., announced the next season of the Beats In School mentorship program, which will deliver all-new opportunities for its alumni in 2019.

We’ve said in the past that it’ll only be a matter of time before music streaming becomes the norm for DJs, and access to a dance music catalogue the size of Beatport’s can only expedite that scenario. And with news again circling of Apple’s plans to shut down the iTunes Store in 2019, the case for streaming continues to grow more compelling.

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