The Chicago house pioneer Sleezy D has died of kidney failure. The artist, real name Derrick Harris, is famous for the pioneering 1984 acid house track “I’ve Lost Control,” an all-time dance music classic co-produced by his friend Marshall Jefferson. Since its official release via Trax Records two years later, Harris remained away from the public eye and released nothing further, which led to rumours that Sleezy D was an alias of Jefferson’s.

Marshall says “When Derrick made “I’ve Lost Control” in 1984, there was absolutely nothing like it anywhere. A completely new sound that inspired clubbers all over the world, peaking with the “Summer Of Love”.

Jefferson paid tribute to Harris, who he called a “true pioneer.” The Chicago house producer has set up a GoFundMe campaign to cover funeral and hospital bills for Harris, who is survived by his three sons and did not have health insurance.

Derrick “Sleezy D” Harris has died:

Gepostet von Marshall Jefferson am Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2019
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