Jordy Jurrius host a monthly radio show Translucent Waves and is presenting a 13 hours marathon to celebrate the end of the year 2017.

He started with his first Translucent Waves show in September of 2009. For many years he was closing the year with a 4 or 5 hour Year End Mix but this year decided to go “big” and for sure will not be the last one. He is also involved in events in Nehterlands for upcoming talented dj’s.

In this edition of Translucent Waves Year End Festival he invited some amazing talents to celebrate a great Year End Mixture of talented dj’s, producers that share and spread the same passion, love for music.

The line-up and airing time are settled in CET: (Central European Time)

  • 12:00 Moquito86 (Netherlands)
  • 13:00 Perry Owens (Netherlands)
  • 14:00 J.LC (United Kingdom)
  • 15:00 Han Beukers (Netherlands)
  • 16:00 Mike Ferrum (Netherlands)
  • 17:00 Biggest DJ (Netherlands)
  • 18:00 Elaya (Greece)
  • 19:00 Vinny DeGeorge (USA)
  • 20:00 Relik (USA)
  • 21:30 Jordy Jurrius (Netherlands)
  • 00:30 The End

Don’t miss this fantastic event on December 17th starting at 12pm

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