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    Robbie Jay today is one of the prestigious underground electronic music artists from Romania, in his over 20 years of activity he played in numerous clubs, events and festivals from Romania and from surrounding countries. He teamed up together with the Romanian based producer ReDub. They released numerous tracks and remixes under various labels worldwide. Robbie Jay was born in north-vest of Transylvania – Romania, in a multicultural city near the Hungarian border. He grows up as the son of a actor, spending his childhood in theaters being always in contact with artists, scene and the crowd, which became vital ingredients of his life.

    From the age of 14, he watched the Rave scene of the 90’s and the EDM festivals, which influenced him to be a professional DJ. Having his own radio show at one of the renowned local FM radio stations since 2000. Find more about the artist from: Facebook / Soundcloud Twitter 

    Robbie Jay
    Twisted Harmonies 002
    Robbie Jay Twisted Harmonies 002
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    Robbie Jay - Twisted Harmonies 002 on Insomniafm - February 2018

    01.IN-SHADOW - A Modern Odyseey (Animated Short Film Soundtrack)
    02.Rick Pier O"Neil & Desaturate - Polymers (Youngen Remix)
    03.Lemmon - Kerosene (Dale Middleton Remix)
    04.4Cream & Deep Fog - Tears Of An Angel (Youngen Remix)
    05.Dmitry Molosh Wanderer (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
    06.Emi Galvan - Nothing Less (Quivver Remix)
    07.Robert R. Hardy & Amber Long - Fade In My Dreams
    08.Donatello & Shane Blackshaw - Catch 23 (Kastis Torrau Vocal Remix)
    09.Goldtrix Presents Andrea Brown - It"s Love (Trippin")(Dj Tool)
    10.Trentemoller - Moan (Radio Slaves Remix For K)
    Robbie Jay
    Twisted Harmonies 001
    Robbie Jay Twisted Harmonies 001
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    Robbie Jay - Twisted Harmonies 001 on Insomniafm - January 2018

    01.Robert Miles - Children (Orchestral Version)
    02.Robert R. Hardy - Aesthetics (Loquai Remix)
    03.Christopher FaFa - 05.20 AM (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
    04.Robert R. Hardy - Wanderer (Original Mix)
    05.Robert R. Hardy - Sensus (Matter Remix)
    06.Yvel & Tristan - Silent Sight (Robert R. Hardy Unofficial Remix)
    07.Li Polymer - Symphonica (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
    08.Antrim feat. Paula Os - Odyssey (Robert R. Hardy The First Remix)
    09.James Holden feat. Julie Thompson - Nothing (Cream & Deep Fog Unofficial Remix)
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