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    For the first time Kaiser Gayser a.k.a. D.J.Technik (K.G.) debuted with his music at CNet.com/music/download (http://www.music.cnet.com) in the end of 2004. After this first release, his tracks quickly end up on top of download charts in ‘House’ department at Cnet.com/download, it was an unexpected success.

    Later the track ‘Strange’ was downloaded so many times that management of the site decided to take the it off, because the server couldn’t rework amount of all downloads at ones, and therefore constantly crashed. After a week or so, all tracks has been brought back ready for downloads (again). In the begining of 2005 Kaiser Gayser has published ‘Darkness Falls Across The Land’- his famous bootleg on amazing ‘Thriller’ of Michael Jackson. Some more Information about Kaiser Gaysers: In the Summer of 2005 he released the ‘Megapolis/Metropolis’ album. Find more about the artist from: Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter

    Kaiser Gayser
    SomeWhere 104
    Kaiser Gayser SomeWhere 104
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    Kaiser Gayser - SomeWhere 104 on Insomniafm - August 2018

    Not Available
    Kaiser Gayser
    SomeWhere 103
    Kaiser Gayser SomeWhere 103
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    Kaiser Gayser - SomeWhere 103 on Insomniafm - July 2018

    01. New Era (Spencer K Remix) - Giacomo De Falco
    02. Acid Party (Luigi Rocca 303Lovers Remix) - The Micronauts
    03. Da" Nice Dealer (Original Mix) - Daniel Orpi
    04. Kind Against - SEQU3l 05. Jan Mayen (Original Mix) - Affkt
    06. Lyzer (Boho Remix) - Betoko, Mattia Pompeo
    07. Motion (Nick Reverse Remix) - Hoten
    08. Megenta (Hatzler Remix) - GusGus
    09. Cosmic Ratio (Original Mix) - Enrico Sangiuliano
    10. Faux Semblants (Original Mix) - Darlyn Vlys
    11. Navagio (Original Mix) - Uncloak
    12. Liberation - Dusty Kid
    13. Galaxy In An Atom (Original Mix) - Marc Romboy
    Kaiser Gayser
    SomeWhere 102
    Kaiser Gayser SomeWhere 102
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    Kaiser Gayser - SomeWhere 102 on Insomniafm - June 2018

    01. Maceo Plex, Maars - Mutant Disco feat. Maars (Original Mix)
    02. Martin Eyerer & Ackermann - Don"t Change feat. T.Gandey (Dave Seaman Remix)
    03. Eduardo M - Tripping Out (Original Mix)
    04. AndReew - Fusions (Original Mix)
    05. Mikey Lion, Sacha Robotti - Glide
    06. Acumen, Jobe - Incontrolable
    07. Dusty Kid - Crunch (Original Mix)
    08. Stroka - Heute (Original Mix)
    09. Pig&Dan - Modular Baptism (Rehmark & Nukkah Remix)
    10. Kaiser Gayser - Divine Instrumental
    11. Secret Cinema, Egbert - I Can Feel It Rising (Original Mix)
    12. Dvit Bousa, Rio Dela Duna - Revive (Original Mix)
    13. Andre Gazolla, Smokbit - Disorder (Dead Space Remix)
    Kaiser Gayser
    SomeWhere 101
    Kaiser Gayser SomeWhere 101
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    Kaiser Gayser - SomeWhere 101 on Insomniafm - May 2018

    Not Available
    Kaiser Gayser
    SomeWhere 100
    Kaiser Gayser SomeWhere 100
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    Kaiser Gayser - SomeWhere 100 on Insomniafm - April 2018

    01.Look Back Kid (Original Mix) - N-Telekia
    02.Doin Bitz (Original Mix) - Emma Jai
    03.Planet of the Apes (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix) - Tantsui
    04.Featherlight (Johannes Brecht Remix) - GusGus
    05.Sinister Mind (Sian Remix) - Marc Houle
    06.Celestial (Original Mix) - Indieveed
    07.So Good (Original Mix) - Monika Kruse, Pig&Dan
    08.Torium (Citizen Kain Remix) - Citizen Kain, STAB Virus
    09.Woe (Original Mix) - Phillip Rivera
    10.Chibu Ma (Leonardo Gonnelli Remix) - Basti Grub
    11.Take It On - Modést (NL)
    12.Many Times (Original Mix) - Roy Emm
    13.Lineal (Original Mix) - Mark Boson
    14.Ninety Nine - Chus & Ceballos, Oscar L
    Kaiser Gayser
    SomeWhere 099
    Kaiser Gayser SomeWhere 099
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    Kaiser Gayser - SomeWhere 099 on Insomniafm - March 2018

    01.Sand (Mendo remix) - Zoo Brazil
    02.Lucid Dreams (Tasz Remix) - Gonza Rodriguez & Shakib Jakir
    03.Firestarter (Original Mix) - Jay de Lys
    04.Control (Extended Mix) - Mambo Brothers
    05.Tik (Original Mix) - Junior Pappa, DJ Antonio
    06.Wave (Original Mix) - Rulers
    07.Esperanza (Original Mix) - Vlada Asanin
    08.Hold Me Down (Original Mix) - Loco & Jam
    09.Stomper (Original Mix) - Jay de Lys, Marco Grosso
    10.Last Stage (Original Mix) - Danny Fontana, Bruno Aguirre
    11.Ophiuchus Traits - Aardy
    12.Bitch Is Back (Mario Ochoa Remix) - Thomas Evans
    13.Hofmann - Cold Burn
    Kaiser Gayser
    SomeWhere 098
    Kaiser Gayser SomeWhere 098
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    Kaiser Gayser - SomeWhere 098 on Insomniafm - February 2018

    Stefano Parenti - Family Affairs (Alessio Frino, Rone White Remix)
    Rui-Z - Readme (Original Mix)
    Apollo 84 - El Coca (Original Mix)
    Cabarza - Want You (Yousef Circus Rework)
    Kaiser Souzai - Kaprun Days (Original Mix)
    Gaga - Harm"s Way (Original Mix)
    Dhany G - f.i.r.h (Original Mix)
    Third Son - Roath (Original Mix)
    DJ Lion - Stintchat (Original Mix)
    Dave Seaman - Virgo Ryzin (Loco Jam Remix)
    Ben Champell - Shadows (Original Mix)
    Gaga - Harm"s Way (Christian Cambas Remix)
    Durtysoxxx, Dandi & Ugo - Discoteque (Hollen Remix)
    Kaiser Gayser
    SomeWhere 097
    Kaiser Gayser SomeWhere 097
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    Kaiser Gayser - SomeWhere 097 on Insomniafm - January 2018

    Rodriguez Jr. - 2 Miles Away (Original Mix)
    Audiojack - Oxytocin (Original Mix)
    ARTBAT - Tabu (Original Mix)
    Reset Robot - Creatures Of Time (Original Mix)
    Moby - Go (Victor Ruiz Warehouse Mix)
    David Tort - About Reality (EIIRI Remix)
    Lena Estetica - Rain In Savanna (Horatio Remix)
    Aitor Ronda - Tweezer (Original Mix)
    Pig&Dan - Chemistry (Original Mix)
    Extrawelt - Was Ubrig Bleibt (Dominik Eulberg"s Das Es Remix)
    Victor Ruiz - Nevermind (Oliver Huntemann Remix)
    Sian - Pause (Oliver Koletzki & Reinier Zonneveld Remix)
    Kaiser Gayser
    SomeWhere 096
    Kaiser Gayser SomeWhere 096
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    Kaiser Gayser - SomeWhere 096 on Insomniafm - December 2017

    01.Martin Eyerer, Ackermann - Equilibrium Feat. Lou (Paul Ursin Remix)
    02.Marcelo Vasami - A Fantastic Fear Of Everything (Cid Inc Remix)
    03.Dmitry Molosh - Wanderer (Roger Martinez rmx)
    04.Monojoke - Backwards (Matias Chilano Remix)
    05.Ewan Rill - Your Name (Original Mix)
    06.Marcelo Vasami - Plot (Original Mix)
    07.Mauro Augugliaro - Insomnium (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
    08.Jose Tabarez - Sunset Bay (Ewan Rill Remix) [Suffused Music]
    09.Kamilo Sanclemente, Golan Zocher - La Luna (Original Mix)
    10.Upercent - Pulsacions (Nick Warren Remix)
    11.Dave Seaman & John 00 Fleming - Unexpected Item in the Packing Area (Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia Remix)
    12.Brattig - Timeless
    Kaiser Gayser
    SomeWhere 095
    Kaiser Gayser SomeWhere 095
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    Kaiser Gayser - SomeWhere 095 on Insomniafm - November 2017

    Prprly - What Ever
    German Brigante - Black Bull (Dub Mix)
    Dj Marika - Move On
    Bleedin Neutron - Steel Pillars of Dawn
    Knober - Teardrops
    Cyrk - Absorption
    Mercy - Tunnel (Fur Coat Remix)
    rAin (MU) - Queen of My Life
    The Scumfrog - Spin (Simone Vitullo Remix)
    George Plakidis - Houm
    Kaiser Gayser - Antigravity
    Thomas Gandey, Solarc - I Give You More(Feat. Thomas Gandey)
    Wolf Story - Maasai
    Kaiser Gayser
    SomeWhere 094
    Kaiser Gayser SomeWhere 094
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    Kaiser Gayser - SomeWhere 094 on Insomniafm - October 2017

    Not Available
    Kaiser Gayser
    SomeWhere 093
    Kaiser Gayser SomeWhere 093
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    Kaiser Gayser - SomeWhere 093 on Insomniafm - September 2017

    Mucho Mas - Double Dub (Mas Special Tribe Mix)
    Greck B, Queco - Black Week (Ruben Zurita Remix)
    Hector Couto - Reloaded (Original Mix)
    Danny Kolk - Doctor (Original Mix)
    Luca M - Frogg (Alex Mar7in Remix)
    Kiki Doll - Taj Maha (Club Mix)
    Collective Machine, James Cole, Shabaam - Take It Off (Vincenzo D"amico Remix)
    Mike Vale, Dqwon - Different Level (Demarzo Remix)
    Alex Raider - White Rivers (Original Mix)
    Return of the Jaded - Get That Moment
    Gili & Craig - Lollyhood
    Danny Serrano - Slate (Original Mix)
    Mike Vale, Dqwon - Rhythm Ride (Chus & Ceballos Remix)
    Yass - Blow Up (Late Night Mix)
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