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    May 16, 2018 @ 11:00 pm – May 17, 2018 @ 12:00 am

    Founded in 2015, My Own Beat has rapidly become one of the most talked about underground labels around, with many tracks in the Top100 and also, with a fresh approach to the industry seeing big names such as Eddie Amador, Joeski, Stanny Abram, Dead Celebrities or Marco Lys to name a few.

    With a focus on delivering authentic Tech House records combined with individual and unique style of each artist, My Own Beat is a exclusive place for House underground music and whatever amazing sounds fall in between. Find more about the label from: Website / Facebook / Beatport / Traxsource 

    Dc Dubz
    My Own Beat 004
    Dc Dubz My Own Beat 004
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    Dc Dubz - My Own Beat 004 on Insomniafm - August 2018

    My Own Beat New Releases
    1. Joey Avila - Hallucinogenic (Original Mix)
    2. B-Liv - Tears over Heels (Original Mix)
    3. Nuendo - This Groove (Original Mix)
    4. Angelo Ruiz - El Agua Clara (Bumb Mix)
    Dc Dubz
    1. Dc Dubz - Dubz Til Dawn
    2. Pavel Iudin - Charmel ( Original Mix )
    3. Ohmne - Give
    4. Dario Nunez, Javi Colima - Compte
    5. Ellie Cocks - Montana (Original Mix)
    6. Miguel Lobo - Be Like
    7. Ambos - Just a little bit
    8. Eddie Amador & B-Liv feat. Anna Pop - Tell Me What I´m Doing Now (DC Dubz Remix)
    Marco Lys
    My Own Beat 003
    Marco Lys  My Own Beat 003
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    Stanny Abram - My Own Beat 003 on Insomniafm - July 2018

    My Own Beat New Releases
    1. B-Liv - Jazzbacu (Jackin Mix)
    2. Ilya Gushin & Folgatto feat Victoria Ray - Jai Radha Madhav (Techno Edit)
    3. Tidy Daps - Give a Dawn (Original Mix)
    4. Dj Tchok - A la Votrè (Original Mix)

    Marco Lys
    5. Joeski “Life Changes” (Original Mix)
    6. Marco Lys “Is House” (Extended Mix)
    7. Luca Donzelli “Attacker” (Original Mix)
    8. Wade “Boyz In Da Hood” (CAMELPHAT REMIX)
    9. Chris Lake & Marco Lys “La Tromba” (Marco Lys 2018 Rework)
    10. Eddie Amador & B-Liv - House Re-Evolution (Marco Lys Remix)
    11. Tiger Stripes, Riva Starr, MC GQ “Sound of the Bettest “(Feat. MC GQ)
    12. Marco Lys “The Story Continues” (Extended Mix)
    13. Primitive Trust “Little Love” (Floorplan Stripped Mix)
    14. Italobros “Flat” (Original Mix)
    15. Flashmob “The Lone Brazilian” (Original Mix)
    Stanny Abram
    My Own Beat 002
    Stanny Abram My Own Beat 002
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    Stanny Abram - My Own Beat 002 on Insomniafm - June 2018

    My Own Beat New Releases
    01. Luigi Benedetto - Right Now (MOB Extended Mix)
    02. B-Liv - Chambacu (Original Mix)
    03. DC Dubz - Dubz Til Dawn (Original Mix)
    04. Human Society - Into my Groove

    Stanny Abram
    01 .Lex Loofah - Back to tha Guetto (Stanny Abram Ghettoblaster Edit) My Own Beat
    02.Louis David - The Old Miami (Original Mix) Natural Rhythm
    03.Rico Martinez - Rebel With A Cause (Original Mix) NoExcuse Limited
    04.Agustin Scaramucci - Feel The Bass (Original mix) NOPRESET Records
    05.Alexandros Djkevingr & Greg Ignatovich - Cano Kabak (Ayman Awad Remix) Great Stuff Recordings
    06.Danniel Selfmade - Man at work (Original mix) Klaphouse Records
    07.Archila Feat Majo - Behind My Back (Gianfranco Troccoli Remix) SK Recordings
    08.Carlos A - Force (Gorkiz Remix) Haliaeetus Music
    09.Knober, Sylter - Mine (Original Mix) Habitat
    10.RAMA7 - Do (Original Mix) Marba Records
    My Own Beat 001
    Joeski My Own Beat 001
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    Joeski - My Own Beat 001 on Insomniafm - May 2018

    My Own Beat New Releases
    01. Lex Loofah - Back to tha Guetto
    02. Anthony Poteat, Greenlab - Celebrate (Original Mix)
    03. Chus Lamboa, Dany del Rio - A night in Chicago 2018
    04. Denique - Time Lapse
    04. Francesco Nocerino - Orgasm
    05. V.Ict & Tex Ture - Erotic Hypnosis (Original Mix)
    06. ID – ID
    07. Urban Soul - Sex on my Mind (Dj Pierre´s Altered Sex original)
    08. Kevin Knapp - Heft (Original Mix)
    09. Fideles, Kizzy Lotus - Road to Moscow
    10. Jaime Soeiro, Omar Svenson - Erotic Dreams
    11. Tom Ellis - Ppp (Leif Remix Beatport Exclusive)
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