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    Robbie Jay today is one of the prestigious underground electronic music artists from Romania, in his over 20 years of activity he played in numerous clubs, events and festivals from Romania and from surrounding countries. He teamed up together with the Romanian based producer ReDub. They released numerous tracks and remixes under various labels worldwide. Robbie Jay was born in north-vest of Transylvania – Romania, in a multicultural city near the Hungarian border. He grows up as the son of a actor, spending his childhood in theaters being always in contact with artists, scene and the crowd, which became vital ingredients of his life.

    From the age of 14, he watched the Rave scene of the 90’s and the EDM festivals, which influenced him to be a professional DJ. Having his own radio show at one of the renowned local FM radio stations since 2000. Find more about the artist from: Facebook / Soundcloud Twitter

    Robbie Jay Moonvibes 091
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    Robbie Jay - Moonvibes 091 on Insomniafm - November 2017

    01.Hot Since 82 - Mr. Drive (Original Mix)
    02.Pig and Dan - I Am One (Original Mix)
    03.Hot Shakes - Living Stereo (Original Mix)
    04.Acosta Wink - Everybody Roof Dance (Original Mix)
    05.0Fei Ahmed - You Know (Original Mix)
    06.Dosem - Expression (Uto Karem Remix)
    07.Kazak - My Little Moon (Selfdika Remix)
    08.Nicolas Masseyeff feat. Jr C - No More Time (Oxia Remix)
    09.Late Nite DUB Addict - Back to Basics
    10.Cristhian Hoffmann - Spokenword
    11.Martin Humphryes Doorknocka - Never Hold Me Down
    12.Alejandro aka Nervouz Boy - Yeah (Bad Habit vocal edit)
    Robbie Jay Moonvibes 090
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    Robbie Jay - Moonvibes 090 on Insomniafm - October 2017

    01.Frankie Lenza - Stuck Here (Original Mix)
    02.&Lez - Percussiva (Original Mix)
    03.Frankie Lenza - Guess What (Original Mix)
    04.Andrea Consoli & Mr
    Saccardo - Grab Them (Original Mix)
    05.Prok & Fitch - Symphony (Mike Vale Remix)
    06.Dosem - Streetout (Original Mix)
    07.James Hopkins - Primary (Original Mix)
    08.Miguel Bastida - Moudness (Original Mix)
    09.Swella - Rezza Life
    10.Toni Ramos - Didot (Original Mix)
    11.Bunte Bummler - Behaviour (Original Mix)
    12.Freak Inside - Can U Dig It
    13.Dennis Cruz - Bad Behaviour (Original Mix)
    Robbie Jay Moonvibes 089
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    Robbie Jay - Moonvibes 089 on Insomniafm - September 2017

    01.Laera - Sunset Breath (Intro Mix)
    02.Reac2mens Feat
    B-Wheel - Happiness (Club Mix)
    03.Marco Ferry & Sioxx Feat
    Peak - I Have a Dream
    04.RoyTson - Alright (Original Mix)
    05.Capo & Comes - Ta Bueno (Reverso & Damon Grey Remix)
    06.Popcorn Poppers - Let Me Hear Ya Say (Club Mix)
    07.UMEK, Mike Vale - All I Want (Dosem Remix)
    08.Veerus & Maxie Devine - The Peacemaker
    09.Craig & Grant Gordon - Pasilda
    10.Macaluso - Gods Love (Anthony Devito Remix)
    11.Grad - Free Your Mind (Fomichev & Ahomoff Tribute Mix)
    12.Alex Galvan - Get Loose
    13.An5soul - Society
    Robbie Jay Moonvibes 088
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    Robbie Jay - Moonvibes 088 on Insomniafm - August 2017

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