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    Zan Prevee expressed his love for electronic music and especially more when he began experimenting on the sound and making recording in various sounds in the nature. The djs ”Nick Warren”, ‘‘Sasha”, ”John Digweed”, ”Hernan Cattaneo” and many more, were and still are the most favourite artists, which influenced him in the feelings for the electronic music.

    At 2001 he completed his studies from the Musical Academy Athens, except that he was working in the electronic music, playing Deep House and Progressive in small clubs with tributes in underground scene.

    In late summer at 2012 created the label ”Usessions Records” with John D which is supported by Proton Music, with the dream to aims to push the up and coming talents and release high quality in underground music by the finest independent Djs/Producers and to expose the exciting and fresh new talents around the world in a global fusion of top artists producing quality music, on the way to be in the world stage of electronic music. Find more about the artist from: Facebook / Soundcloud Twitter 

    Zan Prevee
    Experimental Scene 057
    Zan Prevee Experimental Scene 057
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    Zan Prevee - Experimental Scene 057 on Insomniafm - January 2018

    01. Stereo Underground feat. Sealine endash Flashes (Extended Mix) [FSOE UV]
    02. Ran Salman - Shallow Water feat. Maor Nawi (Original Mix) [EIN2]
    03. Dmitry Molosh - Wanderer (Roger Martinez Remix) [Superordinate Music]
    04. Simos Tagias - Disco Freak (James Monro Remix) [Proton Music}
    05. Roger Martinez - Force (Original Mix) [Flow Vinyl]
    06. Monojoke - Arterials (Greenage Remix) [Juicebox Music]
    07. Jonnas B endash Insanity (Dimuth K Remix) [Astrowave]
    08. Chris Llopis - Platonic Shower (Dmitry Molosh Remix) [Flow Vinyl]
    09. Quivver - The World You Create (Original Mix) [Controlled Substance]
    Zan Prevee
    Experimental Scene 056
    Zan Prevee Experimental Scene 056
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    Zan Prevee - Experimental Scene 056 on Insomniafm - December 2017

    01. Padai - Missing (Deividas Bagdanov Remix) [Massive Harmony Records]
    02. Espen - Plates (GMJ Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
    03. AxeLara - Cyles Life (Hot TuneiK Remix) [TwoSounds Records]
    04. Monojoke - Backwards (Matias Chilano Remix) [Juicebox Music}
    05. Rauschhaus & Peer Kusiv - Triton (Stan Kolev Remix) [Eleatics Records]
    06. Mariano Mellino & Interaxxis - Ecouter (Original Mix) [Hope Recordings]
    07. B Selekt - Your Love (Dmitry Molosh Remix) [Audio]
    08. Lonya - Reconcile (Original Mix) [King Street Sounds]
    09. Paul Angelo & Don Argento - Sign of Erevos [Soundteller Records]
    Zan Prevee
    Experimental Scene 055
    Zan Prevee Experimental Scene 055
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    Zan Prevee - Experimental Scene 055 on Insomniafm - October 2017

    01. Nicolas Berengeno - Light Paths (Original Mix) [Astrowave]
    02. Matter - Pronoia (Trilucid Remix) [Particles]
    03. Christian Monique - Circular (Magnetic Brothers Remix) [Lincor Apex]
    04. Nicholas Van Orton - Radient (Original Mix) [BCSA]
    05. Following Light - Intention (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix) [Lincor Apex]
    06. Rafa"EL - Life Goes On (Matias Chilano Remix) [Soundteller Records]
    07. Dmitry Molosh - The Fall (Original Mix) [Afterglow]
    08. Subconscious Tales - Another Story (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection Tech]
    09. Robert R. Hardy - Interpolation (Original Mix) [Stellar Fountain]
    Zan Prevee
    Experimental Scene 054
    Zan Prevee Experimental Scene 054
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    Zan Prevee - Experimental Scene 054 on Insomniafm - September 2017

    01. Roger Martinez - Chinguarime (Donatello Remix) [Soundteller Records]
    02. AudioStorm - Fragments of Light (Nicolas Rada) [3rd Avenue]
    03. Ricardo Piedra - Sepilly (Zan Preve"e9 Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
    04. Ewan Rill amp Casper - Bus (Hot TuneiK Remix) [Clinique Recordings}
    05. Way Out West - Tuesday Maybe (Guy J Remix) [Anjunadeep]
    06. Kamilo Sanclemente - Another Earth (Original Mix) [Particles]
    07. Roger Martinez - Deep (Stas Drive Remix) [Proton Music]
    08. Cid Inc. - Obsidian (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
    09. Michael A & Dmitry Molosh - Resolutions (Original Mix) [Sound Avenue]
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