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    Born and raised in small country in Europe – Kosovo, Tino Deep‘s way in Electronic Music world was designated from his early beginnings. For him it was very hard to reach sources from where it all started and from where he could learn, improve and create his own expression.

    Spending all his free time on music soon he discover his own style – Deep Progressive House. This was the first step in the story that will follow as the years pass same as one of the first steps that made a clear direction of his, now perennial, search, education and career in Electronic Music world. Today his expression and name is well known and recognizable. He made his own brand and identification but the search never ends for Tino Deep. His emotion is growing every day, his education is never ending story and his footprints has been followed by many newcomer artists and DJ’s same as his name got respected and his work was recognized by audience worldwide. Find more about the artist from: Facebook / Soundcloud

    Tino Deep
    Deep Visions 102
    Tino Deep Deep Visions 102
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    Tino Deep - Deep Visions 102 on Insomniafm - June 2018

    Not Available
    Tino Deep
    Deep Visions 101
    Tino Deep Deep Visions 101
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    Tino Deep - Deep Visions 101 on Insomniafm - April 2018

    01. Moby - Lift Me Up (Glenn Morrison Remix) [CDR]
    02. Darkployers - Prognosis (Original Mix) [Darkpload Deep]
    03. Andromedha - Thoughts Became Things (Original Mix) [Darkpload Deep]
    04. Blood Groove & Kikis - Mirage (Jaytech Progressive Remix) [CDR]
    05. Solid Stone - Remember (Original Mix) [Colorize (Enhanced Music)]
    06. Moonbeam feat. Avis Vox - Maddness (Spartaque Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
    07. Antrim - Labyrinth (Gai Barone Remix) [Perspectives Digital]
    08. Levente Marton - Big Fat Kiss (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
    09. Rex Mundi - Voodoo People (Original Mix) [Armind (Armada Music)]
    10. Graham Lloris - Longing (Napalm Remix) [Abstract Space Records]
    11. Marcus Schossow - Kings Of Summer Nights (Original Mix) [CDR]
    12. Speed Limits & T4L - Solar Guitar (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive (Enhanced Music)]
    13. Tucandeo - C.T.U. (Basil O"Glue Remix) [Afterglow]
    14. Hazem Beltagui - Strobelights (Original Mix) [CDR]
    Tino Deep
    Deep Visions 100
    Tino Deep Deep Visions 100
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    Tino Deep - Deep Visions 100 on Insomniafm - March 2018

    Not Available
    Tino Deep
    Deep Visions 099
    Tino Deep Deep Visions 099
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    Tino Deep - Deep Visions 099 on Insomniafm - February 2018

    01.Bob TheGroove - 2 Minds (Original Mix) [Waitaudio]
    02.Paul Deep (AR) - Consciousness State [Dopamine]
    03.Nicolas Petracca & Ezequiel Anile - Eternal Starfields [Suffused]
    04.Nicolas Petracca & Ezequiel Anile - Adimensional Feelings [Suffused]
    05.Daniel Glover - Borneo (Ewan Rill Remix) [Specific Music]
    06.Michael A - Another Way [Movement]
    07.Paul Deep (AR) - Banshee (Anton Make Remix) [Balkan Connection]
    08.FALKO 33 - Soliloquy (Kay aka Khalil Touihri Remix) [Electronic Tree Promo]
    09.Leonardo Li Greci & Lexce Marinelli - Black Sun (Original Mix) [3xA]
    Tino Deep
    Deep Visions 098
    Tino Deep Deep Visions 098
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    Tino Deep - Deep Visions 098 on Insomniafm - January 2018

    01.Christian Monique - Reflections (Original Mix) [Consapevole]
    02.Robert R. hardy - Aestas (Original Mix)03.Robert R. Hardy - Deytar (Slam Duck Remix)04.Alberto Blanco & Nahuel Lucena - Elantris (Berni Turletti Remix) [Soundteller]
    05.Alfonso Muchacho - Remind Me (Platunoff Remix) [3xA]
    06.Evelynka - Lavender Whispers (DP-6 Remix) [Suffused Music]
    07.Alfonso Muchacho - Reasons To Doubt (Original Mix) [DNA Digital]
    08.Subconscious Tales - Another Story (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection]
    09.Andy King - Gulf Stream (Original Mix) [Stripped Digital]
    10.Emi Galvan - Flowing (Original Mix) [MNL]
    Tino Deep
    Deep Visions 097
    Tino Deep Deep Visions 097
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    Tino Deep - Deep Visions 097 on Insomniafm - December 2017

    Not Available
    Tino Deep
    Deep Visions 096
    Tino Deep Deep Visions 096
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    Tino Deep - Deep Visions 096 on Insomniafm - November 2017

    01.Schwarm - Nerv (ab aeterno Remix) [AH Digital]
    02.Orelse - Red (Stage Van H Blush Mix) [Crop Circle]
    03.Namatjira - Marimbas & Angels [3rd Avenue Promo]
    04.Ape Sapiens & Nico Serjanovich - Affected (Original Mix)[Electronic Tree Promo]
    05.John D - Faros (Nikko Mavridis Remix] [Hot Cue Music Promo]
    06.ACIID BEATZ - Beyond [Suffused Music]
    07.Ape Sapiens & Nico Serjanovich - Affected (Vitaly Shturm Remix) [Electronic Tree Promo]
    08.Namatjira - Marimbas & Angels (Nicolas Rada Remix) [3rd Avenue Promo]
    Tino Deep
    Deep Visions 095
    Tino Deep Deep Visions 095
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    Tino Deep - Deep Visions 095 on Insomniafm - October 2017

    01.Hypnotised & PatriZe - The Striker (Original Mix) [AH Digital Promo]
    02.Andrea Cassino - Charlotte (Dowden Remix) [Yin Promo]
    03.East Cafe - Peaks & Lows (Jonnas B Remix) [Yin Promo]
    04.Kade B - Azazel [Suffused Music Promo]
    05.Mizztic - Queen of Pain (Original Mix)[Abstract Space Promo]
    06.Pedro Nazer - Heisenberg [Suffused Music Promo]
    07.Tomin Tomovic, LazySofa, and Sherif Seddik - Sunset Vibez [Suffused Promo]
    08.Ucròs - Patagonia [Suffused Promo]
    09.Zafer Atabey - Mandarin Dreams (Original Mix) [Aethereal Promo]
    10.Mizztic - Intrude (Original Mix) [Abstract Space Promo]
    11.Jose Tabarez - Sunset Bay (Ewan Rill Remix) [Suffused Promo]
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