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    PANAITESCU RAZVAN aka DJ TOPO, resident of Pasha Club and Pasha Open Air (Romania). His first contact with electronic music was in 1990 when he started to listen Prodigy, U 96, 2 Unlimited, Kraftwerk. His love for music became soon an obsession, obsession wich turn him finally into a Dj.

    He bought the first vinyl in Italy in 1998 . He started to play in a underground club (in main and after hours) from GALATI / ROMANIA : Mon Caprice . DJ Topo was invited in a lot of clubs from Romania and outside , he played with a lot of big artists Dj Tarkan , Anthony Pappa , Rick Pier O’Neil , Dpen , Sertac Kaya, Snake Sedrick, Federico Epis, David West, Christian Duran, Kintar & Rex, V-Sag, Yvel & Tristan, Glender and many more. Find more about the artist from: Facebook 

    Active Brand 093
    Topo Active Brand 093
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    Topo - Active Brand 093 on Insomniafm - January 2018
    Not Available
    Active Brand 092
    Topo Active Brand 092
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    Topo - Active Brand 092 on Insomniafm - December 2017
    01.Dan Cano - Moving in You (Gaulois Remix) [Tenor Recordings]
    02.Mikalogic - 82 Love U (Skerdi M. & Angelo M. Remix) [Beachside Records]
    03.Portofino Sunrise - I wont give up [Soul Deeparture Records]
    04.Ferreck Dawn & Redondo - Tattoo Girl (Gorge Remix) [Material]
    05.Leandro Silva - Kiss Flame [Narciso"s Records]
    06.Angelo Raguso & Anthony Tomov - Undercover [Meiner Techno Records]
    07.Moll - Restart [Budenzauber]
    08.Flembaz - Quinalle Express [Bonzai Progressive]
    09.Moll - Tech-On [Bonzai Basiks]
    10.Antonio Valente - Duplex [binary404.com]
    Active Brand 091
    Topo Active Brand 091
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    Topo - Active Brand 091 on Insomniafm - November 2017
    01.Refresh (Italy) - My Conscience [Abstract Theory]
    02.C-Rock - Waiting For Nina (Noon Mix) [Leena Music]
    03.Al Bradley pres. Chemical Warfare - Replicants (Rob Pearson Remix) [Area38]
    04.Utku Dalmaz - Sound Is Acting (Pepo Remix) [Sound Mass Records]
    05.Piemont - Coco Cliche [plumbum]
    06.Christian Bonori & Paul S-Tone - Chemtrails (Onofrio Conte Remix) [Bonzai Basiks]
    07.Moll - Mystery [Bonzai Basiks]
    08.Metodi Hristov - Grab For Ya [Suara]
    09.Marko Nastic - Free Access (Killian"s Remix) [Decoded Records]
    Active Brand 090
    Topo Active Brand 090
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    Topo - Active Brand 090 on Insomniafm - October 2017
    1.Queen Atom - What Do U Want (Jer"s Jump Street Edit) [Dumb Unit]
    2.Lifer - Enter Inside [Kina Music]
    3.Patrick Podage & Nikola Kotevski - Life Must Be [Savoir Faire Musique]
    4.Marco Bocatto - Freak Deep (Remix) [Crossworld Vintage]
    5.Roland P & Blacklabel - Natural [Wired]
    6.Pascal Nuzzo & Max D - Loved Tenesi [Complex Textures]
    7.Jesus Soblechero & A++ - Shooting (Darkrow Remix) [Nell Records]
    8.Matheo Velez - Billy Jean [Deep Disco Music]
    9.Mike Rivera - Sila [Maximal Records]
    Active Brand 089
    Topo Active Brand 089
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    Topo - Active Brand 089 on Insomniafm - September 2017
    Not Available

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