Shelter didn’t take long to become one of Amsterdam’s hottest nightspots.
The club opened its hatch (which is used to enter the club) last year during ADE and epitomises the no-frills industrial vibe, delivering high quality sound and hooking up with the heavyweights in the Dutch and global clubbing scene.

For ADE 2017, Shelter will open for the full five nights and host parties that range from morning crack ons to night shift techno sessions, featuring artists like ZIP, Praslea, Raresh, Speedy J, Blawan and so many more. 

We spoke to Milan Van Ooijen, who helps manage the club, about some city hide outs, a robbery at Shelter and of course, ADE.

Can you tell us something cool about  Shelter that we may not know?
Milan Van Ooijen: We have never made this public until now, but Shelter’s infamous hatch was stolen a few weeks back. In all probability we’ll have a new one in time for ADE though.

Can you recommend something for us to check out during ADE?
I would recommend this party: Kommune invites Biologic Records ADE w/ Massimiliano Pagliara  which is held at Oosterbar, the night venue underneath Amsterdam’s Generator Hostel.  I always have a ritual with my mom to go pick a live performance to go to on the first day of ADE. This year I’ll take her to Jameszoo & Metropole Orkest at De Melkweg – so that one is definitely on top of my list as far as events outside of Shelter go.

Where is your favourite Record Shop?
Distortion! Tucked away in the Jordaan borough’s Westerstraat you’ll find this small record shop, selling everything from punk and ska to the most obscure electronic records. It’s a complete mess inside, with stacks of record boxes blocking the way all over the shop. But the chaos really is what gives the place its charm. The shop’s owner is a sweetheart and is always glad to help. 

Where is your favourite low key bar and low key club?
My favourite low key bar is Cafe Chris in the Bloemstraat. One of the oldest bars in the city (1624), with little change to the interior since then. It’s a monument to the city’s history – plus it’s rumoured that it was one of Rembrandt’s favourite destinations.

Where do you go to eat or chill in the city when it gets too busy?
Salmuera is definitely one of my favorites restaurants. Fine Argentinean cuisine with great staff, vibe and bar options. The little seating area outside is great in the summer time.   

Why do you think so many music people are moving to Amsterdam?
I’ve always felt like Amsterdam is a capital with the pace, atmosphere and size of a great village. I guess that cozy, compact character is ideal for many people, especially those with a focus on the creative and cultural sector.

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